Letter to Canadian MPs

The letter I'm sending to MPs aims to remind them that 1) climate change is an existential threat; 2) they have the power to act while the people they are charged with representing do not and 3) Canada's current policy on this issue is an abysmal failure. Dear [MP name goes here], In the fall … Continue reading Letter to Canadian MPs

Climate Message Challenge

We need to talk more about climate change.  I am consistently surprised by how little people know about the topic.  Even people who recognize the problem are surprised to hear how dangerous our situation is.  They know about sea-level rise, but not about food system collapse.  Others know about the danger, but think our international … Continue reading Climate Message Challenge

Who’s to blame for Climate Change?

There is a simmering debate in the climate community about who's to blame for climate change.  Is it the people burning fossil fuels or the people pumping them out?  There isn't really a good answer to this question because our individualistic concept of 'blame' can't cope with a society-wide problem like fossil fuel consumption. Luckily, … Continue reading Who’s to blame for Climate Change?

The Return of Climate Picnic

Our third climate picnic will be the MOST RELAXING yet!  You are not emotionally prepared for this level of RELAXATION! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQDlwn9Hsvw We will have the same crystal juggler who wowed kids at the first event and some of the same musicians -- plus new friends! The focus will be on making crafts and plans for … Continue reading The Return of Climate Picnic

Low-Carbon Luxury – 5 – Be Where You Are

If you're new to the Low Carbon Luxury Series, start here. Would you rather be somewhere else right now?  Does simply reading that question make you enjoy being where you are a little bit less? In a previous installment of this series, I wrote about finding the intrinsic value of experiences rather than ceaselessly comparing … Continue reading Low-Carbon Luxury – 5 – Be Where You Are