The Art and Music of RBCisKillingMe

On October 29th, people rose up from coast to coast to call out RBC for funding so many fossil fuel projects, including projects like Coastal Gaslink and Line 3 which are being rammed through Indigenous territory without the consent of traditional governments. Although RBC hasn't changed its ways and Coastal Gaslink is still being built, … Continue reading The Art and Music of RBCisKillingMe

RBCisKillingMe – October 29th

October 29th will be a global day of action against fossil fuel financing. In so-called Canada, the action will focus attention on RBC's funding for the Coastal GasLink pipeline which is currently being forced through Wet'suwet'en Territory against the wishes of hereditary leaders. What is Coastal GasLink? The Coastal GasLink project is a 670 kilometre … Continue reading RBCisKillingMe – October 29th

Climate Finance 101

Last week, we hosted a Climate Finance 101 webinar. Before we started we knew we had amazing speakers, a good variety of topics and over 200 people registered, but it went even better than we expected -- so we posted it on youtube for everyone to see! Patrick Derochie covered Shift Action's efforts to speed … Continue reading Climate Finance 101

Climate Finance Awareness Toolkit

Our Tiny Climate-Finance-Hub-That-Could here in Toronto has lots of ideas for actions and has been producing lots of useful materials but the big 5 banks have a GIGANTIC marketing budget, so we need a huge amount of people power to counter their big budget greenwashing. If you want to see what groups are active or … Continue reading Climate Finance Awareness Toolkit

Futurama characters DESTROY bank talking points.

The world needs to reach net-zero emissions in the physical world by 2050.  You of all people know that financing leads real world impacts by decades.  The old Line 3 Pipeline was built in the 1960s, started operating in 1968 (52 years ago) and is still pumping oil today. The Line 3 expansion project -- … Continue reading Futurama characters DESTROY bank talking points.