Our Tiny Climate-Finance-Hub-That-Could here in Toronto has lots of ideas for actions and has been producing lots of useful materials but the big 5 banks have a GIGANTIC marketing budget, so we need a huge amount of people power to counter their big budget greenwashing. If you want to see what groups are active or sign up for more info on actions happening in Toronto use the button below:

BUT it can be hard to fit meetings or events into your schedule, so we also have tools to help you take action on your own. Although our in-person events are in Toronto, this info and the materials we’ve collected here are relevant across the country.

First of all, you can read our recap of the CDN information in the recent Banking ON Climate Chaos 2021 report or review our quick critiques of the recent Net-Zero Pledges from RBC, BMO and TD. You might also want to read up about all the former and current fossil fuel execs on the the big banks’ boards of directors.

One way to help is to sign-up for the BankSwitch campaign then let your bank know you’re unhappy and you’re looking for alternatives.

You can also talk to friends and family, or send an email to your contacts, sharing your concerns. Are you in any sustainability Facebook groups? Ask if people know what the big banks are up to and start a conversation. It’s especially important to have this conversation if you know someone who works in a bank. The average bank employee has little power over their bank’s fossil fuel loans — so have that conversation with the goal of making a new ally!

Next — we need your help spreading the word about the banks’ climate-killing investments. We have materials, we just need help distributing them. You can print 5 or 10 posters and put them up in your neighbourhood or near your local bank branches, you can print leaflets or flyers and hand them out, share them with friends or pop them into mailboxes on your block. All the materials you need are available below.

There are two pamphlet options: One is brief and prints double-sided three to a page. The other has more detail about the financial advantages of credit unions. It prints double-sided and folds in thirds (with ‘what do climate chaos and…’ on the front) or can be handed out flat.

Quick Flyer

Banks vs. Credit Unions Comparison Pamphlet

We also have four styles of Posters in PDF format. Feel free to mix and match!

Poster 1: Who’s Funding

Poster 2: Dragon Fire

Poster 3: BanksAreBurningYou

Poster 4: RBCHeatwaveSponsor

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