Challenge 5: Meet your MP!

This post is written with Canada in mind -- but it's always a good idea to meet with elected officials.  So if you live outside Canada -- go and meet them anyway!  It's harder for them to ignore you face-to-face.  They may still ignore you, but if there are enough us, we will eventually wear … Continue reading Challenge 5: Meet your MP!

Climate Challenge 4: Divest!

There was no blog post for Challenge 3 -- Flight Free 2020 -- because it's pretty self-explanatory.  If you've participating, you can sign up here (Canada, USA) to put the air industry on notice. Our Week 4 challenge is a little more complex though: divest yourself and your pension plan!  If you're wondering why this … Continue reading Climate Challenge 4: Divest!

Climate Challenge 2: Learn a Vegan Recipe

If you're already vegan - take a week off, you're ahead of the curve. Our first challenge – waking up your workplace – was epic and you're probably still working on it, so we made this week’s challenge more modest.  It may even reduce your workload because cooking vegan meals tends to be faster than … Continue reading Climate Challenge 2: Learn a Vegan Recipe

Climate Challenge 1: Wake Up your Workplace

Our first challenge for the year is a big one!  And you won't be able to do it in a week.  But a lot of it is just about learning to talk climate with co-workers -- so it won't take any additional time in your schedule, just a little dose of bravery to get out … Continue reading Climate Challenge 1: Wake Up your Workplace

Year (and a bit) In Review

We only existed for a few months in 2018, so we rolled a year and a bit into one email. None of these projects were things we achieved on our own -- we teamed up with other activists, we got advice from friends, we were blessed with surprise assistance from all corners of the city … Continue reading Year (and a bit) In Review