Subway advertising works.  There’s a good chance that’s why you’re here — we were basically unknown outside of Toronto climate activist circles before we ran our ad campaign.  However, Climate Pledge Collective is a no-ego organization.  We aren’t advertising for ourselves, we’re advertising for climate action in general. 

On our Act Now page we point people to all kinds of climate action groups.  To change everything, we need millions of people working on climate according to their best judgement.  It’s not collective action OR individual action.  It’s not renewable energy OR reduced consumption.  It’s not resilience OR global justice.  To beat climate change we will need a BOTH AND approach.

With regard to the ads themselves, people tend to ask us 3 questions and our responses are below.

Why aren’t the ads more positive?

Can you clarify the facts behind the ads?

What can we do about such a big problem?