Cream Illustrated Caper Berries Recognition Certificate (3)

Climate Change is fucking complicated.  Following detailed climate news from reliable sources will make you into a better and more confident climate activist!  Myrtle attributes her turn towards activism to following climate news — at first the slow-drip of crises was unpleasant, but eventually it got her fired up to fix the problem and learn about the potential solutions and government policies!

The Carbon Brief – Climate Policy news with a focus on data.  Email, Twitter, Facebook

The Energy Mix – Canadian Climate News with a focus on energy markets –  Email, Twitter, Facebook

Grist – General Climate News with a good mix of science, policy, activism and human interest stories – Email, Twitter, Facebook

Heated – An e-newsletter by veteran climate journalist Emily Atkin with up to the minute investigative reporting on climate policy and debate. – Email, Twitter

The National ObserverEmail, Twitter, Facebook

If podcasts are your thing, sign up for The Energy Gang or The Hot Take.

If you already follow some of these voices, then take the next step and get a paid subscription or recruit a friend to follow along too by DMing them on their platform of choice.

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