What impact can we expect from TD’s new climate pledge?

Like the other big CDN banks, when it comes to climate, TD is one of the worst banks in the world. They are responsible for more than $100B in fossil fuel operation and expansion and the scored 3 out of 200 in a recent evaluation of their climate policies. Yikes! Like RBC, who recently made … Continue reading What impact can we expect from TD’s new climate pledge?

Why BankSwitch? Why Now?

HOW BANKSWITCH WORKS in 9 SECONDS Sign-up so we can track and announce our growth.Tell your branch manager you're switching to the most sustainable bank in April 2021.Wait for the banks to announce new fossil fuel policies. Click here if you want to read more. 1. The Production Gap is terrifying. Visit ProductionGap.org to see … Continue reading Why BankSwitch? Why Now?

EcoFair Toronto Pledge

The Toronto EcoFair has been promoting environmental groups and sustainable behaviours with a big fair at the Wychwood Barns for years. This year, like so many other events, it has migrated into the weird and wonderful non-space of the internet. And we're helping to make it awesome! If you've got kids -- or if you … Continue reading EcoFair Toronto Pledge

Kids’ Climate Pledge!

Our youngest co-founder -- who we avoid naming on the internet because she's only 6 -- wanted to design her own climate pledge so her friends could learn more about climate action. The pledge gives kids 7 fun ideas -- everything from tasting a non-dairy ice cream to making a video explaining why they care … Continue reading Kids’ Climate Pledge!

Calling TD: Is anyone there?

TD IS NOT FOR ME I bank with TD. Mostly because that's where I opened my first account and it was always easier to open new accounts connected to that first account. Unfortunately, TD pumps billions into the fossil fuel industry every year. I absolutely hate forms and paper work, but I decided to participate … Continue reading Calling TD: Is anyone there?