We’re teaming up with For Our Kids Toronto and GASP (Grandmothers Act to Save the Planet) to run a series of zoom parties where we give the banks the bad reviews they deserve on google maps. The first event will focus on RBC and if it’s popular and people enjoy it we’ll do it again for TD, Scotia, CIBC and BMO.

The first event will be June 29th (eventbrite link), but you can give bad reviews whenever you like, using the tips below.

How To Review Bank Branches

  1. Log in to google with the account you want to use. If you have chrome or a gmail account you’re probably already logged in. The review will include your name, so if you work for a bank or something, you may want to use an alternate account.
  2. Go to https://www.google.ca/maps and find the location you want to review. We recommend starting at your house or workplace and zooming out a little until you see a few different branches.
  3. Type the Name of the Bank you want to review. If you are zoomed in an appropriate amount you will actually see numerous branches pop up all at once with red pins after you search.

4. Click on a pin and the branch details will appear on the left. Click ‘Reviews’, the click ‘Write a Review’ select one or two stars and type or paste in your comments.

And that’s it. Once you’ve found a bunch of branches, they only take a few seconds each, but if you do too many all at once you can be flagged for abuse and your account may be suspended. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE. GIVE YOUR REAL THOUGHTS. Do two or three and then maybe try reviewing a different bank or doing reviews in a different area. You can log back in after a week or so and do a few more if you like.

What Should I Say?

It’s important to give legitimate reviews and not simply copy and paste! What you say is up to you, but we have some suggestions and key facts that are worth sharing with the broader public.


RBC has invested over 200 Billion into fossil fuels since the 2016 making it hard for us to keep global warming under control.

We have all the technologies we need to save ourselves from climate change, but RBC keeps pumping more and more money into fossil fuel companies year after year.

RBC claims their financial portfolio will be ‘net-zero’ by 2050, but the fossil fuel projects they are funding today will still be running in 2050 pumping out greenhouse gases. Definitely don’t bank with them.

It doesn’t make any sense to me to ‘save for my future’ when RBC is putting so much money into fossil fuels pretty much ensuring that the future is an awful string of climate disasters from flooding to fires to food shortages.

You can start these facts with a personal comment or add suggestions about learning more — let your creativity run wild.





Banking on Climate Chaos 2021 report

SAMPLE REVIEW 1: The staff at this branch are super-nice, but I can’t get over the fact that RBC has pumped over 200 Billion into fossil fuels since the Paris Accord was signed in 2016. They are driving the climate crisis! Visit fossilbanks.org if you want more details.

SAMPLE REVIEW 2: I have an RESP here but it feels weird knowing that I’m saving for my daughter’s future while RBC is lending money to the exact fossil fuel companies that are ruining her chances at a stable biosphere.

SAMPLE REVIEW 3: I used to bank here but after I read the Banking on Climate Chaos 2021 report and learned about RBC’s endless investments in fossil fuels, I closed my account and opened one with a credit union.

When reviewing other banks, you can make similar comments plugging in different numbers. These numbers come from the Banking on Climate Chaos 2021 report.

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