Holy crap!!

We paid for the ads and sent the files!!! The ads will starting airing on Monday May 10 on Classical FM and they will run for two weeks. We’re hoping all the bankers hear them while they’re having dinner. 🙂

In terms of podcasts, we’ve already boughts ads on the Divest Podcast and Green Economy Heroes and they will either run soon or they’ve already run.  The Green Majority and the Breezy Breakfast Hour have graciously agreed to run our ads and/or interview a youth activist for FREE!  And we’re still negotiating pricing and run dates with Canadaland and Sidenote but plan to run ads there soon.

HUGE, HUGE THANK YOU to all our donors and also to Fridays For Future Toronto who helped write the script, voice the ads and plan the campaign and Green Majority Radio who put in a lot of time editing and mixing our recordings. If you want to keep the ads running throughout the spring (and summer?) you can still pitch in to our crowdfunding campaign.

This dialogue will be running from May 10th to 16th.

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