Pandemic got you down?

Need something to do?

Well, we’ve got a project that will connect you to loved ones and strengthen our shared commitment to climate action — all from the comfort of your own home.

Recently, I’ve been corresponding by mail with a friend — and it has been very, very good. We’ve talked about our current situations and discussed our awe at just how quickly forests can improve the mood and attention span of our young children. Writing a letter turned out to be harder than I expected — probably because you can’t make revisions easily — but it has been nice to sit with pen and paper for a while in the evening instead of a screen and keyboard.

The Love Letters to the Future campaign is dead simple. You write a letter to a friend or relative and then pop one of our climate action inserts into the envelope. That’s it. Your letter could be about climate change or it could just be about your feelings and experiences during the pandemic with a short post-script introducing the insert.

Check out the inserts, print a few up, get out your envelopes, stamps paper and pens and start writing! Each insert sheet has three inserts.


Check out our online pledge for possible challenges. It could be something simple like learning a vegan recipe or something truly challenging like creating a climate action plan for your workplace.

Some of the best challenges are also informative. A lot of people don’t know you can send mail to your MP for free – you don’t even need a stamp – so that’s a good challenge right there, one that might create a new advocacy habit. Alternatively, many people don’t know that red meat creates up to 10X the GhG emissions of chicken – so you might consider challenging someone to give up red meat for a month or a year and explain why.

Other potential climate actions include watching a documentary or reading a book about climate change, environmental racism or another related issue. This is especially good if a book or movie has moved you recently – because you can make a personal pitch for how powerful it is! Encouraging people to learn a vegan recipe also works well if you also share a recipe that you use yourself.

If the person you’re writing to owns their own home, you can challenge them to get an air-source heat pump. We absolutely need to remove natural gas heating from every home in the world as quickly as possible — so early adopters are especially important here.

If the person has significant savings, ask them to talk to their financial adviser about divesting from fossil fuels. There is now a wide-range of fossil-free investment products on the market and a competent investment advisor can replicate most financial strategies without having fossil fuels in the portfolio.


This insert is more just a reminder that the climate crisis hasn’t stopped just because we’re also facing a pandemic. It encourages the recipient to think and talk about climate change more – because the more we all talk about climate change, the harder it is for companies and politicians to ignore us.

We also have pamphlet style PDFs of our full climate pledge which fit nicely into an envelope available. No ‘Love Letter’ branding here, but they give the widest range of climate action ideas.


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