This is not a drill.  If we don’t act now, we will be hit with devastating climate breakdown in our lifetimes.

We’ve known this for decades — but we’ve done nothing.

Our brains are tricking us into thinking everything is fine.  Because — for now — everything seems fine.

During an interview on the NPR podcast Hidden Brain, the nobel-prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman observed that: “If you were to design a problem that our mind is not equipped to deal with climate change would fit the bill. It’s distant. It’s abstract. It’s contested. If there were a comet hurtling toward us — you know, an event that was predictable — within a day, we’d mobilize. It’s not even that it’s distant in time. If it was going to affect our children, we’d mobilize.”


Your brain will also try to tell you that the problem is too big, too complicated, there’s nothing you can do it about it.  But that’s not true.

There are sooo many things you can do. You can call your representatives, switch to RNG or buy an EV.  Mostly though, we have to start talking about the problem.  Each conversation is a chance to shift public discourse.  When a friend mentions the weather, just tell them you’re terrified about climate change.

Send a heartfelt email to all your contacts.

Post a message on your office door.

Do something and do it today.

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