Amazon Petition Update

We now have a new Minister of Foreign Affairs, François-Philippe Champagne! Since no reply from the former Minister, Chrystia Freeland, was forthcoming, we forwarded our petition to Mr. Champagne to ensure that he knows we haven’t forgotten.

Dear Honourable François-Philippe Champagne:

I would like to take this opportunity, as you begin your post as our new Minister of Foreign Affairs, to forward a petition with well over 700 signatures, condemning Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s significant inaction on environmental protections in the Amazon. As fires have died down, deforestation has continued to rise, assuring this ecosystem’s vulnerability.

Former Foreign Affairs Minister, Chrystia Freeland, did not reply to the hundreds of people who showed concern over this issue, as indicated by our petition, and we hope to hear a reply from youThe full petition is attached.

The most recent news shows that Canada is hoping to push Bolsonaro towards stronger environmental protections via Mercosur negotiations, but given Bolsonaro’s stubborn denial of any problems in the Amazon, such efforts are disingenuous. Only trade withdrawal, as France, Austria, and Ireland have pushed, can hope to advance the safety of the people and ecosystem of the Amazon, and indeed, of Brazil.

Canada’s progress report on this Free Trade Agreement (see GBA+ Summary for Canada-Mercosur FTA) states, “Canada has yet to achieve a Trade and Indigenous Peoples chapter with an FTA partner, Canada is pursuing such a chapter with Mercosur: A Trade and Indigenous Peoples chapter is a vehicle to drive economic development and prosperity for Indigenous peoples.”

Given that “trade with Brazil account[s] for a majority—77.4%—of Canada’s total trade with Mercosur,” (quoted from same report as above) we are paying close attention to what your Ministry does to address the injustices and environmental destruction in Brazil, especially because Canada aims to abide by UNDRIP and address our climate crisis.

We look forward to your reply,

Myrtle Millares
on behalf of petitioners

Please feel free to express your own concerns via –
Telephone: 613-995-4895
Fax: 613-996-6883
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Local Business for Climate Action

A couple of weeks ago, we launched sister campaigns aimed at urging local businesses to support youth activists in the lead-up to the Global Climate Strikes. If you’re interested in participating, the campaign is on until the end of the day tomorrow.

Click here to write to businesses
Write to businesses

One campaign is aimed at patrons and asks that they e-mail their neighbourhood businesses to put up Climate Strike posters. It provides an e-mail template to copy, paste and send. Businesses are then directed to the campaign below.

This one is aimed at business owners directly. Whether they sign up because someone has e-mailed them or of their own accord, they can download image resources for posting.

Click here if you own a business
Click here if you own a business

Thank you to all who participated, turning public focus toward the future of our youth.

Here are the businesses who signed up so far to bring attention to the Climate Strikes.

Mountain Equipment Co-op, Patagonia, and Lush have also made public their support for this Friday’s Toronto Climate Strike. If you wrote to them, thank you! Consumers have the power to push businesses toward social responsibility and/or validate these initiatives.

*This business has sent a photo or link showing their display of Climate Strike information.

Yes, the Amazon is still burning…

Click here to sign petition.

Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo, in a CNN interview with Christiane Amanpour, says “the Amazon is not burning, not burning at all. We have fires this year, a little more than last year.” He says that these fires are not an unprecedented crisis (Video:

We’re asking our own Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, Chrystia Freeland, to condemn President Bolsonaro’s inaction in order to forge a path toward meaningful environmental protections for the Amazon and its people.


Despite the Brazilian government’s denial of the scope of the Amazon destruction, Canada continues to talk trade with Brazil, pushing for environmental protections that are simply not forthcoming ( Canada is still trying to figure out ways to put profit over people and planet instead of focusing on our Climate Emergency.

In the meantime:
– The lives and homes of the Amazon’s Indigenous people are under threat.
– Global rainfall patterns will be affected and as a result, crop production (
– A vast ecosystem is destroyed.

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION, available for one more week. And share widely.
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