“And it’s not just cherry trees,” says Professor Doctor Mr. James Lovelock Esquire.  “All kinds of plants will go haywire.  We don’t really even know exactly what will happen because we’ve only run experiments and models for a small percentage of plants in a few scenarios.  Maple trees will make less sap so there will be less syrupAnd hops too — do beer shortages scare you?”


James Lovelock gnaws joylessly on a bone of unknown origin.

“And rice.  As carbon dioxide levels go up in the atmosphere, rice will get less and less nutritious.  But I’m sure that will be fine — it’s not like rice is a staple food source for billions of people or anything.”  James Lovelock is sitting in lounge chair now.



If you say, “This doesn’t worry me, I don’t eat or drink,” turn to page 39.

If you say, “I can feel a pit of worry in my belly,” turn to page 15.