“Alright, alright, I may be a pessimist, but I’m not a sadist,” says James Lovelock.  “I’m not going to barrage you with terrifying facts if it’s giving you anxiety.  However, I see no reason to keep talking to some random stranger on Halloween if I can’t tell spoooooooky stories.”  Almost immediately, James Lovelock drifts off into a surprisingly peaceful slumber.


The door from the street swings open and in walks Matt Lie-Paehlke who is battling his own climate anxieties with climate action.

“Were you talking to James Lovelock?  You must be scared out of your wits,” he says.  “Do you need a little pick me up?”


If you say, “Yes, tell me what gives you hope,” turn to page 18.

If you say, “I’m with you!  Let’s take action and fight this growing threat,” turn to page 32.