James Lovelock stares straight into your soul and says “What about bugs and parasites and creepy crawlers?  Did you know they will rapidly migrate into new regions?  Or that existing parasites can breed exponentially in warmer weather?  Did you know it’s already happening?  Look at this moose! It is covered in thousands and thousands of blood-sucking ticks!”

Ticks are killing 70% of Moose Calves across Maine.

“The glorious kelp forests off California have been decimated by disgusting sea urchins!”

New York Times

“Those ticks and urchins just sprung up in the last few months and the warming has barely even started yet!  Can you imagine the horrific, biblical plagues of insects and urchins and parasites!  Many of them dripping with tropical diseases!”


If you say “I ain’t scared of no bugs,” turn to page 65.

If you say, “Mr. Lovelock, sir, please stop,” turn to page 15.