Our society constantly underestimates tweens, teenagers and twenty-somethings.

The only thing holding young people back is a lack of money and political power.  That’s why the Climate Pledge Collective is cheap, scaleable and decentralized.  It is fueled by energy and passion and it gives you a way to hold older generations accountable — yes, it’s hard for one person to stop climate change, but our pledge sheets give you something to point to when you say “You can at least do this!”

Get your friends involved, get your school involved, get other schools involved.  Check out what Greta Thunberg , Jamie Margolin, Sophia Mathur, TOclimatestrike and others are doing, choose your favourite tactics and then get to work.  If you don’t like the way we’ve designed something, redesign it.  If you don’t like our website, make suggestions or make a better one.  If you want help with something – get in touch.  We’re just here to hand you some tools and cheer you on.