So you’re thinking about organizing a Fridays for Future Climate Action event in your high school?  Awesome.  There are many, many ways to get involved.

  • Set up an information booth in the hallway or cafeteria!
  • Make a pledge posterboard to turn attention into action (How-to-guide).


  • Talk about #fridaysforfuture and #climateaction on social media.

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  • Start a sit-in outside your principal’s office!
  • Ask your teachers to teach you more about climate change, climate solutions and the climate protest movement.


  • March in your neighbourhood!
  • Visit your nearest MP, MPP or city councillor’s office!

Find an MP by postal code.

MP search
The search box is TINY because they don’t WANT to be found!

Find your MPP by postal code.  On Fridays, they will usually be in their constituency office.

Find your Toronto City Councillor. If you live in another city, you should be able to find you City Council website through a quick web search.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to participate — as long as you do something!  We need to make climate action the top priority for every teacher, principal, journalist, politician and corporate executive!