We are currently organizing a campaign with MobilizeTO to get Toronto residents to call their councillors and ask them to declare a climate emergency.

Read these talking points and use whichever points make sense to you.  There are links included so you have evidence at your fingertips.  You may well know more about this topic than your councillor does — so be confident!

Look up your councillor: https://www.toronto.ca/city-government/council/members-of-council/

Make those calls!  If you don’t hear back, call again.  Then ask friends to call.

Declaring a Climate Emergency combines a Formal Declaration of Climate Emergency with an ambitious plan to reduce carbon emissions.  It does not have special legal implications like a ‘state of emergency’ or a municipal ’emergency motion’ would.

  1. Other Canadian cities have already declared climate emergencies including: Vancouver (TEXT OF MOTION), Kingston and Halifax.  So have London, England and dozens of other cities around the world.
  2. Ford scrapped our climate plan and Trudeau bought a pipeline.  If cities don’t step up and lead the fight we will definitely fall behind our own national targets.  80% of emissions come from cities — so our actions matter.
  3. Toronto has done a lot of the planning already, #TransformTO covers everything, we need to make it more ambitious, fully fund it and ensure it isn’t threatened by Ford’s cuts to the Cap and Trade plan (because it uses funding from different levels of government).
  4. #Transformto has already met its 2020 targets, so we know that it is working. But a lot of those gains came from closing the coal plants that once powered the city — the next steps require detailed work in many areas!  Unfortunately the 2050 target of an 80% reduction is not sufficient to match what the IPCC SR15 report is calling for (net-zero by 2050).
  5. Climate mitigation is worth paying for.  Otherwise we will be dealing with extreme weather events like floods AND paying more for insurance.  (https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kitchener-waterloo/climate-change-insurance-premium-waterloo-research-1.4830204)
  6. Some people say other countries like China should step up first — but we can only control what happens here and we have been polluting a lot for a long time at a higher rate per capita, so the right thing to do is for us to clean up our act first.
  7. Climate mitigation is a social justice issue — the people who have emitted the least are going to feel the worst impacts.
  8. Canada is NOT a climate leader.  Our targets are weak and we’re not even meeting them.  Targets: (https://climateactiontracker.org/countries/canada/) Current results: (https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/canada-further-from-paris-targets-than-last-year-new-projections-show).