You make your way slowly up the walkway.  Suddenly the door flies open… and you are face-to-face with the ghost of climate-pessimist James Lovelock!


“I’m not a ghost,” says the ghost irritably.  “I may be 99 years old but I’m not dead yet.” The ghost glares disapprovingly over your shoulder at the author of this tale.  “Oh, for crying out loud! Just check my Wikipedia page,” says the ghost.

There is a wrinkle in the time-space continuum and suddenly James Lovelock is in fact ALIVE!  How terrifying!

You follow this teetering, skeletal old man inside.

“So, how do you feel about GLOBAL WARMING?” asks James Lovelock.


If you say ‘Doesn’t bother me a bit’, turn to page 37 to test your bravery.

If you say ‘I worry about it sometimes, but I like a good scare on Halloween’, you can also turn to page 37 to test your bravery.

If you say ‘I have crippling climate anxiety — I’m already terrified’, turn to page 15.