“Okay, first of all, we have all the technologies and policies we need to meet the requirements of the IPCC report — electric cars, solar power, public transit, rapidly increasing plant-based food options.  And they are not only economically feasible, they are economically appealing.  But they aren’t online yet, so we have to cut our own carbon footprint right now to make time to roll this stuff out.”

Image sourced from: Renewable Energy is getting cheaper and its going to change everything.

Secondly, many countries are already forging ahead in the clean energy revolution.  So if you are pushing for change in your country, you can be confidant that you’re not alone.”

Third, even in the United States, home to the world’s least informative news networks, most people now believe that climate change is real and that it is caused by human activity — this is EVEN TRUE AMONG REPUBLICANS.

Fourth, most of the changes we have to make have many additional side benefits that will make them appealing even to people who don’t care about global warming.  Eating a lot of meat, and especially red meat, is bad for your health.  Internal combustion engines produce pollutants that are bad for our lungs and brains.  Switching to electrical vehicles will save lives and reduce Alzheimer’s rates.  Renewable power generation can be built at a smaller scale, closer to where it is needed, so we will have fewer region-wide blackouts.”

Fifth, the recent IPCC report created a tipping point in public discourse.  You can feel it in the air.  Climate deniers are being ignored and the debate is now about which changes to make and how fast.”

Sixth, the youth are waking up.  Nothing is more inspiring to me than Greta Thunberg’s climate strike.  Only fifteen years old, Greta is refusing to go to school on Fridays and instead protests outside the Swedish parliament drawing thousand and thousands of supporters to organized rallies.”


Greta Thunberg’s climate school-strike has already spread throughout Scandinavia and recently bloomed in Australia.  And there are other youth-led organizations as well: This is Zero Hour and the Sunrise Movement!  But young people are often working with meager resources so they need your support and donations to keep their movements alive.


If you say, “Alright, I’m ready to take action, but maybe just something small at first” turn to page 32.

If you say, “Nah, I’ll still sit on my butt,” turn to page 5.