Right now, we don’t have a formal volunteer program, but we have a number of projects under development — so if you want to get in on the ground floor and help us design any of these programs please reach out: contact@climatepledgecollective.org.

STONE SOUP: Many people want to get involved with climate action, but don’t have time because the modern economy demands that we work and work and work and still somehow also take care of ourselves and our homes.  Inspired by the Stone Soup folk tale, we’re planning climate talks in peoples’ homes around a meal to give back a little bit of free time.  1. Make a huge vegan stew, 2. invite your neighbours, 3. talk about climate breakdown and climate action — and 4. send them home with a recipe and leftovers.


TORONTO CLIMATE EMERGENCY: The Climate Mobilization is a growing, global movement to get cities to declare Climate Emergencies.  Sometimes it can be easier for people power to have an impact at the local government level.  We’re thinking of putting together a group to petition councillors to declare a Climate Emergency in Toronto.  This is not a fringe movement: The City of London’s Assembly (UK) called upon the Mayor to declare a climate emergency on December 6, 2018.

RESTAURANTS: We are developing a pledge for restaurants – something simple that can be implemented quickly by any size of restaurant.  Ideas we’re exploring include promoting vegan and vegetarian options, doing a waste audit and looking into high-efficiency appliances.  If you have experience in the restaurant industry we would love to hear from you.  This program will also have the advantage of getting the climate discussion out into semi-public spaces where we live our daily lives.

DEEP-CANVASSING: Deep-canvassing is an approach to door-to-door canvassing that relies on extended listening.  The approach has had modest success in reducing prejudice in the United States.  In 2019, we’re hoping to get out there and ask people what they think about climate change in order to get the conversation started and develop a better approach to talking about climate breakdown and climate action.

Photo Credit: Chris Goldberg

PLEDGES in SCHOOLS: I’m currently talking with teachers at my former high school about incorporating our pledge system into classes or an extracurricular club.   Get in touch and I’ll keep you posted on what works and doesn’t work and give advice about implementing something similar in a school near you.

NOFLY2019: By the hour, flying is the highest emissions activity you can engage in.  It’s also one of the easiest to cut back on.  You just have to stay home and read a book to achieve measurable and immediate reductions.  A campaign to stay grounded in 2019 has “taken off” in Sweden.  We’re looking at signing people up for the English version of the petition.  A one-year flight hiatus is one of the actions on our pledge sheets — but we like the targeted approach here.  Did you know that airlines don’t pay fuel taxes?


None of these programs are up and running yet.  They all still require a lot of planning and organizing.   At this time, we are looking for individuals willing to commit to a specific project and take on some of the heavy lifting, but you can also drop us a line to let us know you would like to volunteer for one of these projects once it gets off the ground.