Climate Picnic Overview

The First Three Climate Picnics are the books — but we hope to do more, and maybe you will too!  Here’s a how-to guide if you want to plan your own. The basic plan is this — we are going to gather in the Southeast corner of Christie Pits Park, bring our signs and songs … Continue reading Climate Picnic Overview

DAILY LIFE: Changing the Climate Organizing Game

This recent tweet from the stellar climate writer Eric Holthaus pretty much sums up both the mental state and mission statement of Climate Pledge Collective. I wouldn’t personally go so far as to say nothing is working.  Climate organizers have had a lot of successes — public perceptions of climate risk are changing rapidly, renewable … Continue reading DAILY LIFE: Changing the Climate Organizing Game


Currently we have a large set of Fridays for Future Resources and a more general flyer that you can print and hand out anywhere in the world to teach people the broad strokes of our climate crisis and point them to further action!