Climatepledgecollective X Fridaysforfuture

Protests are great for getting attention and building connections, but we need concrete actions ASAP — so Climate Pledge Collection is always working to turn attention into actions both big and small. At yesterday’s Fridaysforfuture at Queen’s Park, we tried a poster-size version of our pledge system with prizes, surprises and noises — carnival style. … Continue reading Climatepledgecollective X Fridaysforfuture

Fridays For Future Climate Strike begins December 7

Greta Thunberg Greta Thunberg is a fifteen-year-old Swedish girl who stopped going to school on Fridays to demand stronger climate action from her government.  This one simple act has inspired millions of people worldwide and sparked school strikes throughout Europe, in Australia and now in Canada as well. A Simple Refusal While many of us … Continue reading Fridays For Future Climate Strike begins December 7